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What Is Twerk Dance
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History Of Twerk Dance
Is Twerking A Good Exercise?
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Learn How To Twerk

Have you ever wanted to learn how to twerk? Even if you’re a twerk beginner, professional or an amateur dancer, you can twerk! Now twerk dance is accessible to anyone with the help of Nicole Steen! She has classes on how to twerk for beginners where she breaks down basic twerk dance moves that anyone can start with. Any booty can twerk with the right instructors help. Nicole will guide you through which muscles you need to work on to get the best twerk workout possible. Big butts and little butts unite with the power of twerk dance.

What Is Twerk Dance?

Twerk dance is where a dancer moves by thrusting or throwing their hips back and forth and shaking their butts, usually in a squat position. This move is mostly performed by women, but not exclusively. Twerking has been around for centuries and it originates back to West Africa. It got popular and mainstream in the 1980’s when the Bounce genre started in New Orleans. Of course, it didn’t stop there. In the 90’s, twerk dance spread like wildfire in black party culture through hip hop and rap areas called The Dirty South, which has created some of the best twerk dance songs to date.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Twerk?

It all depends on how much twerking classes you’re taking per week. It could take days, weeks or months depending on how dedicated you are to learning. What can help is focusing on twerk basics for one week and once you feel comfortable with those moves you can level up to more advanced classes. Don’t skip the how to twerk for beginners step by step classes because this is where you’ll solidify your twerking fundamentals.

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History Of Twerk Dance

In West Africa, there is a dance called Mapouka that has influenced modern twerk dance. This dance style has existed for centuries and is made up of moves that emphasizes the booty. Mapouka is a dance of celebration that was performed during festivals and people even believed that this dance leads to spiritual experiences with God. Unfortunately, a lot of people looked down on it and deemed it too sexual to a point where Mapouka dancers were getting chased out of their own villages. Fast forward to the 80’s where Bounce music or New Orleans hip hop scene opened the doors to twerk dance in America. In present day, not only is twerking popular during night outs, twerking classes are also popping up in a lot of cities.

Mapouka is a dance of celebration that was performed during festivals and people even believed that this dance leads to spiritual experiences with God.

Is Twerking A Good Exercise

Twerk dance classes are taking the world by storm and it’s taking over the fitness world too! This dance has everything you need to work on your total body. Squats are a very big part of the dance and it improves your leg muscles. It also works on your back muscles and did you know that when you work on your back muscles you can lessen back pains and improve your posture? It’s great finding a dance that is both unique and has a lot of benefits for your body.

How To Twerk DVD

I used to have to find twerk workouts near me, but now I can take them anytime right at home! The best twerk instructor, Nicole Steen, is available for you online and on her twerk DVD. You get 6 thirty minute booty toning and twerk workouts plus a monthly guide for beginners and advanced twerk queens.

Benefits Of Twerk Workouts

Twerk classes have a lot of benefits to offer not only for your body but for your mind too. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a small booty or a big booty, you CAN reap the benefits of twerking. There are different benefits for every kind of booty like sculpting, lifting or shaping and it all depends on the twerk dance move that you’re using. What do all twerking booties have in common after class? Confidence! Release your fempower with moves like the Up Down Twerk, Shuffle Twerk and so much more! Not only will your body feel good, your mood will shift for the better too.

Different Ways To Twerk

How Do You Twerk When Flat?

You don’t need a big booty to be able to twerk. You can learn how to twerk with a small butt by practicing basic moves a few times a week. What you can work on to twerk better is your lower back strength. When your lower back is strong, you’ll have more stamina to twerk for a long time. It’s not about how big your butt is, it’s all about confidence and knowing that you are a twerk queen and owning it!

How To Twerk In A Circle

One you have a favorite twerk move, you can level it up and do it in a circle. The most important part is to know the move and own that move. Then you can learn how to twerk in a circle by keeping one leg still and use the other leg to move your whole body around your standing leg.

How To Twerk Side To Side

Another way you can learn how to twerk is working on your side to side game. You level up your twerk moves like the Basic Twerk when you learn how to work it from left to right. There’s a lot of different twerk moves that you can master and add your own flavor to. Go as low as you can or stay up high and pop that booty like never before.

Twerk Dance On YouTube

Speaking of access to twerk dance at home, our twerk videos are available on Youtube which is a great resource for dance classes. There are a lot of videos to sift through when it comes to dance classes on the web so it’s also a good idea to make a personal playlist of the best twerk videos for yourself. The best thing about having workout videos online is that you can try out different twerk dance instructors and figure out which one works best for you. One instructors energy might work better for you or you might like someone else’s twerk breakdown so take your pick, twerk queen!

Learn How To Twerk In 5 Minutes

Want To Learn More About Twerk Dance?

Are you ready to try more twerk tutorials? We’ve got the best twerk dance instructor from Los Angeles, Nicole Steen available for you 24/7, 365 days! Her twerk dance class always starts with a toning workout that will sculpt and lift your booty then loosen up those muscles with a super fun twerk dance choreography. Learn how to shake what your mama gave you while working out your glutes and your whole body in our online dance workout studio.

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Nicole Steen

A native Angeleno, Nicole began dancing at the tender age of 3. She is a Champion Dancer and Baton Twirler and is a title holder for Miss Majorette, World Flag Champion and World Pom Pom Champion. She teaches her twerk classes at Equinox. She is known in the dance fitness circles as the Cardio Dance Queen.