You can learn how to twerk even if you have a small butt. It doesn’t matter what your mama gave yah, shake it, own it and twerk it, babe! We’re breaking down some basic twerk moves with our Booty Queen, Nicole Steen so you can twerk it and brush off the haters.

How To Twerk For Small Butts

Twerking can be intimidating and often times people assume you need a big butt to be able to do it. Well I got news for yah, I’m a small booty chick and all I want to do is twerk it! how to twerk with nicole I learned from the best, Nicole and you can too. I love her spunky attitude and no nonsense way of teaching. She makes you feel very comfortable and very sexy in your own skin. Plus, I don’t know about you, but have you seen her twerk? It’s mesmerizing. She’s amazing and she’s a total booty inspiration. So I channel my inner Nicole and try to reach my twerk dreams! Learn how to twerk with me and Nicole below! And show off your twerk skills on Instagram with #hsfteam.

1. Basic How to Twerk Dance

First things first, you better squat, babe. Stay in a squat position, hands on your thighs for support and pop your lower back muscle up and in. That’s your basic twerk. This is a great lower back, abs, legs and booty workout– try this move a few times slow and then speed up. You’ll really feel that total body burn. how to twerk for small butts move 1

2. Side To Side Twerk

This is a little fun variation to the Basic Twerk. Switch your weight between your legs while you pop that booty. I think the challenging part about this move is staying on beat. Since you’re switching from side to side, sometimes you get confused with which muscles to move. Keep practicing and I promise, muscle memory will kick in. how to twerk for small butts move 2

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3. High Low Twerk

We twerk high, we twerk low. Using your chest, stand up straight and pump it forward then bend down to a basic twerk! Repeat that a few times and add a little speed and you’ll be in business. Challenge yourself and change the levels from going up to going even lower. Of course, don’t forget to add your own flavor to your twerk and let that booty fly, babe. how to twerk for small butts move 3

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