We’re teaching you how to twerk for beginners step by step moves from our Booty Queen, Nicole Steen! This step by step guide will help you move your way to a tighter booty and a healthier you. Are you ready to level up your twerk game?

How To Twerk For Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn how to twerk? It’s a fun new way to get a workout in and tone your lower body. I remember my first twerk class and after seeing all these women dance like nobody’s watching, I was hooked. how to twerk step by step The most fun way to sculpt your booty is with a twerk dance class. And you don’t have to have a big ol booty to twerk, you can most definitely twerk what your mama gave yah. For me, it’s not just about the fitness aspect of this dance style that makes it effective. This how to twerk for beginners step by step tutorial will make you feel empowered and sexy… yes, those two CAN be combined. And I know it looks intimidating at first, believe me, I’ve been there, but I promise you will have the best time AND you’ll get a great workout in. Don’t be shy, show off your twerk steps on Instagram and use #hsfteam so we can give you a virtual high five! x.o. Charlene

Shuffle Twerk Step

  • Swing your right heel towards your left foot
  • Swing your left heel towards your right foot
  • Repeat
Let your hips swing with your legs and let that booty go! This is very similar to The Twist except you let your booty jiggle in the process. You also want to sit on your hips every time your heel swings.

Up Down Twerk

  • Pop your booty back in a high squat
  • Pop your booty back in a low squat
Imagine trying to get your butt to reach your head. I know that sounds funny, but (pun intended?) that’s the sensation you want when you twerk. Always reach for the top of the dome and your booty will follow
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How To Booty Pop-Back Twerk

  • Hands on your hips, thumbs pressing your lower back muscles
  • Bend your knees
  • Arch back
Push your thumbs up with your booty and feel your back muscles arching. This move engages all your back and booty muscles which helps tone and sculpt. And when you master this move, you’ll be a twerk queen in no time!

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