We gotta end the year in style and bring you the top twerking classes of 2023. Now you can shake what your mama gave you into the new decade!

Twerk Classes All Year

My year would not be complete if I didn’t take any twerk classes. I probably shake my buns once a week to a how to twerk video from our very own Nicole or from other YouTube dancers. Twerk classes are so good not only for building legs and glute muscles, but also boosting your confidence. They go hand in hand because after a twerk class, you’ll feel so good and like you can take on the world. I know a lot of you babes love our Tone N Twerk workouts with Nicole so we make sure to keep creating new ones for you. There are also a lot of fun twerk videos on YouTube and I’m sharing some of my faves from this year. Get your twerk classes on and show off your moves on instagram and use #hsfteam. Tag @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love and be part of our twerk team.

Twerk Class 101

There’s nothing better than getting a break down of dance moves. I love learning new moves and challenge myself to put my own spin on it. The most challenging one for me here is the Fast Booty Twerk. I honestly don’t know how Nicole does it, but I’m going to keep trying and getting that booty gains!

Beginner Twerk Classes

There is something refreshing about seeing a beginner learn how to twerk. You go through the motions with them because the first time I learned, I had the same facial expressions. I didn’t know booties can move that fast and I didn’t know how much work twerking actually was. This video shows the power of having gal pals and how twerk can bring you together.

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Bust Down Thotiana

Twerk classes are more fun with popular music, right? This Nicole Steen twerk choreography is a killer and you can bust it out anytime you hear this song. It’s a little bit of Flirty Hip Hop and a lot of twerk so don’t be afraid to let your naughty side loose. My fave twerk move would have to be the Push Up Twerk… I can’t believe I did that when I was pregnant!

Total Body Twerk Class

I was so lucky to get to dance with JJ Dancer. She is total bod goals and her twerk moves are pretty sick too. Not only are these moves fun, they’re also challenging and will definitely tone your muscles. When I watch this video, just seeing JJ is all the motivation I need to get up and dance.

Booty Isolations

Nina is a great teacher because she really goes through how to isolate your booty. This is a move that I really really want to get because it’s such a wild move! She goes through how to properly squeeze your bum and how to do it the right way. It’s a whole process and it’s amazing when you finally get it.

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