Are you ready to learn twerk dance moves in a squat? Engage your glute muscles using a squat stance and really let that booty go with twerk moves. Come join the twerk revolution today.

Twerk Dance In A Squat

Twerk dance is an empowering workout that’s sweeping the fitness world. Our classes are led by the booty queen, Nicole Steen and it’s a combination of toning your glutes and learning a fun twerk choreography. Get your best butt ever and try twerk classes today. Twerking is a sport and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. After my first twerk dance class, I was in love and I noticed that a lot of the moves required squatting. Squatting is so good for you because it strengthens your core and lower body plus it crushes calories without needing equipment. Now I know squats aren’t the most exciting move and that’s why we’re adding twerking to it. We’ll learn moves like the Knee In Twerk and the Fast Booty Twerk so you can let that booty jiggle and be proud of it! Twerk dance anytime with Nicole and show off your moves on instagram. Use #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Knee In Twerk Dance

The lower you squat, the harder your legs and glutes will work. Bring your knee in one at a time and use your other leg for support. This move will help release your inner twerk queen because even though it’s a basic twerk move, you’d be super proud to master it. Go ahead babe, look back at it.

Back It Up Twerk

Back, back, back it up babe. Don’t be afraid to use that booty and push off all the haters. I love this move because it really takes a lot of strength to keep twerking like this. When you squat lower, you can actually push back harder and really let that gorgeous booty jiggle.

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Up Down Twerk

Level up your twerk dance game and learn the Up Down Twerk. Start in a standing position and arch your booty up, then squat down and arch your booty again. The best way to learn this is to start slow so you can get used to the levels. When you’re more comfortable, go fast and let it go!

Fast Booty Twerk

OK, this move gives me life, but I honestly haven’t mastered it myself. I think it’ll take the most practice out of all the twerk moves on this list. You gotta let your back move and let your booty loose to achieve the ultimate Fast Booty Twerk. I recommend going slow and getting the movement down before trying it fast. You got this bb.

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