Have you ever wanted to let your inner diva out? Well, do we have a class for you! Flirty Hip Hop with Nicole Steen is a non stop cardio workout that will surely get you feelin’ sassy and get you sweating those calories away.

Flirty Hip Hop Dance Experience

First look

My first encounter with Flirty Hip Hop Dance was during our first ever live stream! I met Nicole and was enchanted by her charms and amazing hair. She oozed with confidence and it was contagious. It was wonderful being surrounded by strong and fearless women. Our dancers have never taken a Flirty Hip Hop Dance class before, but they all came in excited and did a wonderful job at the shoot.

Flirty Hip Hop Dance at Home

Although I did not get to dance with our awesome ladies at the shoot, I did workout to our Flirty Hip Hop Dance livestream at home. I was looking forward to dancing to Nicole’s choreography since I saw it during the shoot. I’ve taken a lot of hip hop classes in the past, but I have never let my sassy side out on the dance floor. I was excited to let loose and let my hair go wild!

Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

The first song off Nicole’s playlist was perfect. It got you pumped up and ready to dance. We opened the dance floor to a little cat walk routine. One of my favorites from this choreography is the double time walk because it made me feel really good about myself. There was a sense of confidence that you rarely feel in the beginning of a dance class because usually you don’t know what moves you need to do. With walking it out, it was a natural movement that I’ve been doing since I was young.

Cardio Burst

Nicole does a segment called Cardio Burst a few times during the whole workout session. Cardio Burst is when you repeat the bulk of the routine that you have learned from her without stopping. This part of Flirty Hip Hop Dance requires some stamina because even if the moves are pretty simple, the repetition and the double time kicks it up a notch. Cardio burst is really good at targeting all the poin via GIPHY

Workout your self confidence

What I love about Flirty Hip Hop Dance is that you get a boost of self confidence after your workout. Nicole is great at making you feel good about yourself- from encouraging her dancers to “love yourself” to helping you perfect your diva pose. It is very empowering to see women encouraging one another and having fun at the same time.
It is very empowering to see women encouraging one another and having fun at the same time.

Best Cardio Workout

In just 30 minutes, I got to work on my cardio, my arms, my legs and of course, my diva pose. I have always found hip hop fun to dance to and this remained true through Flirty Hip Hop Dance workout. I could feel my abs and my calves wake up during the cardio bursts. My arms felt really good because I rarely ever work out my arms, it was sore the next day. I got distracted sometimes because I’d focus too much on making my head tilt the right way and get my hair to flip the right way, but it also made it that much fun. I definitely did not feel like I was in a class, it was more of a party at home!

5 Fire Emojis for Flirty Hip Hop Dance

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Stay tuned for more Flirty Hip Hop Dance workouts with Nicole the Cardio Dance Queen on Hip Shake Fitness!

Nicole doing the splits