Twerk dance is one of those subjects that everyone has an opinion on. People either think it’s empowering or objectifying women, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a confidence booster and an amazing workout, so let’s change the twerk dance narrative and make it a positive one!

Twerk Off The Haters

The first time we launched Tone N Twerk we got a mix bag of comments from our followers on YouTube especially about my twerking in particular. It was my very first experience with internet trolls and it was nasty. These are real comments from our How To Twerk In 5 Minutes video. I think what bothered me the most is that the people trolling me were and are mostly women. Instead of supporting someone learning a new thing, they would rather point and laugh. It was definitely disheartening, but I don’t let that stop me from doing something that I enjoy. I realized that there’s really something about twerk dance that gets people talking, good or bad, I’m getting the conversation started.

Twerk Dance Is Empowering

I was definitely one of those people who didn’t think I could twerk or even use twerk as a workout routine. Then I took a class with Nicole Steen, the booty queen and I quickly fell in love with twerk dance! She didn’t let up, cardio then toning then twerking! I saw all the ladies around me that were owning their body, owning the twerk and my soul was feeling recharged and empowered. What I love about twerk is that it’s so raw and grounded. It doesn’t matter what song you twerk to, it always connects to the beat of the music. Twerk dance is really physical and makes me sweat like no other especially when Nicole teaches it. Plus, there’s a vulnerability and a sense of letting go when you twerk that it’s almost cathartic. You get lost in the music and the moves and you end up connecting with yourself. You really have to want to learn to twerk and embrace the sweat to be able to let go. The biggest part of twerking and how it helps empower women is because it’s so self-driven. Twerk dance IS sexy and YOU are sexy for twerking babe! So if you’re up for it, checkout some of my favorite twerk dance workouts and choreography from Nicole and check my twerk moves in the background ? What’s your opinion on twerking? Comment below. If you want to show off your twerk skills on instagram, use #hsfteam so I can give you some love!

Bodak Yellow Twerk Dance Choreography

Nothin’ like a good twerk dance to Brooklyn’s queen, Cardi B! This choreography was so fun to dance to because of the no mess attitude of the song and our choreographer

Swalla Twerk Dance Workout

This twerking dance workout will have you popping that booty then popping that champagne! Swalla twerk dance workout is here and it’s hotter than any fireworks you’ll see. Nicole and the girls are twerking their way through the holiday and into your homes. Twerk dance to get fit and get happy. Swalla-la-la.  

How To Twerk In 5 Minutes

The infamous first Tone N Twerk class! Oh I’ve come so far and I kept watching this video, practicing and twerking better! This is an awesome video to learn how to twerk that everyone should try.

Unleash your feminine expression by learning to dance! We’ve got online dance classes that empower women on our virtual dance studio. Tone N Twerk is a class starts with a toning routine that tightens your glutes and ends with a fun twerk dance.  Get a FREE Trial Today! JOIN HERE.

Beginner Step By Step Twerk

Here’s another beginner twerk that will make you work! Go get that shuffle twerk on and really feel like the twerk queen you truly are!

Twerk Dance Workouts Anytime, Anywhere

Our twerk dance classes start with toning to lift and sculpt your booty and ends with a fun twerk choreography to loosen up your glutes. We’re your go-to on-demand dance classes. We incorporate fierce cardio dance and toning in our dance studio. PLUS, our workouts are always available 24/7, 365 days! Stay fit on your own schedule with us and try our dance workouts today.

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Every Tone N Twerk workout starts with a toning routine that tightens your glutes. Then loosen up and learn a fun twerk dance that will surely make you feel sexy. Join us for Beginner Twerk. A 20 minute Tone N Twerk Dance Workout. You will learn how to isolate those glute muscles and get more twerk moves that you can bring with you to the club or just at home. We start with the Shuffle Twerk, Up Down Twerk, Pop Back Twerk then end with more advanced moves like the Pushup Twerk. If it’s your first time, don’t worry Nicole Steen will offer modifications. You got this babe and we’re here for you! Unlock your FREE Tone N Twerk Dance Workout video today. free dance workout