Need to up your twerk game? Learn how to twerk in a circle motion with moves that you already know and love.

Learn A New Way To Twerk

If you haven’t already, we’ve got an amazing video where you can learn how to twerk . Nicole breaks it down move by move for all types of booty in the world. If you’re ready to learn even more twerking, you came to the right place. how to twerk with levels I know twerking is already a challenge, but we’re going to add even more to that and learn how to move in a circle while twerking. This twerking class will test your motor functions because different body parts will be moving in different directions. When I first started taking twerk classes, I had to learn how to control my lower back muscles to give my booty the right pop. Now that I’ve been twerking for a while, I want to work on technique and other styles of twerking. The one thing I haven’t quite mastered is twerking in a circle so if you’re game, I’ve compiled some of Nicole’s best twerking moves so we can learn how to twerk in a circle together. Show off your twerk moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love?

Hip Roll Shakes

Let’s start with a half circle, shall we? This twerk move starts with hip rolls while turning 180 and then loosely shake your booty. I think it’s important to get the turning part down first so that you can have that in your body. I find that stomping my moving foot helps a lot then add on the rest of the moves when you’re ready.

Shaky Leg

Like Nicole says, you’ve got to be loose when learning how to twerk. The important thing to note for this move is that it’s all in the hips. You’ve gotta push your hips down in order to get your leg to kick up. Then, adjust your angles and make sure your feet are not pointed. I love this move because it’s pretty relaxing and fierce at the same time.

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Turn To Up Down Twerk

So this is like the Hip Roll Shakes on steroids and I love it! Remember the stomping? It’s back and better than ever. It will really help you remember the direction you’re going. Another tip is to jump into your Up Down twerk because it’ll give you more momentum for your twerking. Own it, twerk queen!

Stank Booty Twerk

Last but not least, the Stank Booty twerk. This move will make you more confident and empowered about your booty. It’s all about being confident and letting that booty jiggle. There’s nothing wrong with a jiggly booty, that’s what we want for this move. My twerk tip for this twerking class is to stay on the balls of your feet for a lighter bounce.

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