Who doesn’t love free online dance fitness classes? I’m motivated to workout when I see a new dance class that I want to try. I love looking on YouTube to see new routines and classes that I can try instantly at home.

Free Dance Workouts At Home

I love being able to workout at home and there are so many free dance workouts available on YouTube. No need to drive to a studio, no need to be there at a certain time, you can create your own schedule and dance when you want. Everything is online nowadays so it only makes sense that even dance classes can be virtual. What I love about online dance fitness classes is the convenience and the variety that’s available out there. When I used to take dance classes in a studio in Los Angeles, I had to make sure my schedule revolved around the class. Traffic and looking for parking always takes a lot of time so I had to take that into account too. Now, I just pop open my laptop and I’m in the studio. I can learn how to twerk and try a kpop class all in the same day without leaving my house and you can too! Checkout some of my faves from our YouTube channel. Show off your dance moves on instagram by using #hsfteam and tag us @hipshakefitness on your posts so we can give you some love.

Try A Twerk Dance Workout

I think every woman should try a twerk dance class once in their life. It’s refreshing and it will empower you like nothing else. People don’t realize that it takes a lot of power to twerk and you will definitely get a great workout after this Tone N Twerk class with Nicole Steen.

Burlesque Dance Class

All you need is an armless sturdy chair and you’ll be able to take a burlesque dance class at home. For this particular class, you’ll learn chair tricks which improves your flexibility and control. Erica Hawkins’ class Burlesque Burn will make sure that you become comfortable in your body to hit these poses.

At Home Kpop Star Workout

If you’ve ever seen a kpop music video, you’ll notice that their dance moves are always on point! It takes years of training, but you can be your own kpop star at home with our Kpop dance class. Ally’s class will teach you hip hop grooves and techniques to get your body used to dancing hip hop.

African Dance Workouts

I don’t see a lot of African dance classes in studio so I hope this becomes one of your new favorites. Afrovibe with Zen Nina is a non-stop cardio dance party with a live drummer to keep you moving. You will definitely get your sweat on when you take this class and will want more.

Free Trampoline Dance Class

Dance in your trampoline with Diane Numark. If you really want to try something different, a trampoline dance workout class might be just what you’re looking for. This is a low impact at home workout for beginners but high in sweat type of class. If it’s your first trampoline class, take a few sample jumps to get used to your new center. Then jam out and jump up to stay fit.

Want More At Home Dance Workouts?

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