This easy beginner twerk tutorial is the perfect step by step guide towards learning how to twerk. This beginner twerk video is taught by THE BEST BOOTY in Los Angeles, Nicole Steen. So buckle up and join the twerk train!

Basic Twerk Tutorial

As a beginner twerker, you want to let all your inhibitions go and look at a lot of twerk tutorial videos. Take a deep breath and put your hands on your thighs or just above your knees. This basic twerk move is all about popping your booty up. What you want to try to achieve is for your butt to reach your head. Yes that is impossible, but that’s the mentality you’ll need to get the perfect pop. basic twerk tutorial move 1

Twerk With Your Knees

This is an intense version of the butterfly move. As you bring your knee in, you also work on your butt muscles. This move doesn’t feel like a workout at first, but as you keep doing the knee in twerk you’ll definitely feel sore. If you need to make it a higher intensity, I suggest squatting lower. You’ll really feel the burn. basic twerk tutorial move 2

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Shaky Leg

This is probably my favorite twerk dance tutorial and it’s great for beginners. This loosens up your muscles after a long day of twerking. To do the shaky leg, you start with a kicking motion, but you lead with your heel. You also need to work with your hips to succeed with the shaky leg. Your hips will move up and down as you kick your leg out. This is a fun after twerk move and you can add your own flavor to it. basic twerk tutorial move 3

5 Minute Twerk Tutorial

Watch our 5 minute twerk tutorial and learn how to twerk at home. This is just a little sample of the dance workouts that’s only available on our site.  

Twerk Tutorials Anytime, Anywhere!

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