Now that our Tone N Twerk series is live, we want to explore the world of twerk dance even more. We’ve compiled the best Twerking videos that YouTube has to offer so we can all bask in the glory of this rump shaking dance phenomenon.

Twerk It

A lot of people still look down on Twerk videos because of the provocative hip movements, but a lot of people don’t know that it takes so much muscle to get your butt moving just the right way. It’s not just about looking sexy, it’s also a form of art that happens to be created by your biggest asset. Now the dancers you’ll see below are all professional twerkers, but don’t get discouraged. It takes months of practice to get to where they’re at. Follow along and maybe one day you’ll be in a twerk dance video too!

Learn How To Twerk In 5 Min

We gotta give our girl Nicole Steen a shoutout because we really think her 5 minute how to twerk breakdown is one of the best out there. She has amazing energy. We also wanna give this team a shoutout coz even if the dancers are beginners they do their best!

Lex Twerkout Freestyle

Our first video is hypnotizing. Not only am I impressed with her twerk dance improv, but she also just keeps going. Lexy covers all the bases– standing, on all fours, squatting and lying down twerking. I also commend the videographers for this twerk video because you get a 360 view of the action.

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Serena Williams Teaches Us How To Twerk

Who doesn’t love Serena Williams? She’s smart, talented, athletic and of course, beautiful. And now we have a video of her teaching us how to twerk! If you’re like me, I basically just basked in the glory that is Serena and watched her teach twerk dance. She shows you how to transition from your go-to club move to a flawless twerk. Go on, tell your friends– Serena taught me this.


Here’s our sexiest video of the list, choreographed by Natali Iriarte. I think it’s a no brainer that Ginuwine’s Pony is a song that will always let out your inner freak. I love that this video starts off with just one girl and ends with clones of a sexy, yet edgy type of dancer. You can definitely use these twerk dance moves at the club or even in the privacy of your bedroom. And watch until the end for a surprise dance mix.

Twerk Move With JJ Dancer

JJ will teach you 5 amazing twerk dance moves that will not only empower you, but will also give you a great workout. I love that she teaches you twerking moves that you can do to any song. You can learn these moves and then turn up your jams. My fave twerk dance move is the Beyonce Stomp to The Wobble. JJ is body goals and she’s such an amazing dancer.

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