Who knew that twerk dance would be such a great workout? It strengthens your legs and tones the booty. I know it can be intimidating to try a twerk workout in a public setting so we made it easy and accessible for anyone to try twerking at home. With the help of the twerk queen, Nicole Steen, you can now twerk like nobody’s watching and get a great workout at the same time!

Basic Twerk Dance Steps

We’ll be breaking down some basic how to twerk dance moves from one of our 5 minute clips of Tone N Twerk. Don’t worry, it took me a while to get some of the moves, keep at it and you’ll be a twerk star in no time.

Shuffle Twerk

This is similar to doing The Twist, but in the twerk version, you move your butt more. You basically shift your weight from one foot to the other, but keep your heels off the floor. The trick is to let your booty jiggle, don’t tighten it so that you can shuffle better and the twerking will come naturally.

Up Down Twerk

This move is all about that arch, baby. You arch your back and then pop your booty in different levels. Your lower back muscles are actually what pushes your booty to pop and that’s what you’re also toning during this twerk move. Start slow and then work your way to a faster pace and maybe try to go as low as you can. I believe in you!

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Booty Pop Twerk

Put your thumbs on your lower back muscles so you can really feel that booty POP. Essentially, you’re pushing your thumbs back with your lower back muscles. When you arch to pop your booty, you’re working out your back and your butt just naturally twerks. When you’re more comfortable, place your hand on your thighs and go wild!

Front Booty Pop

What’s the difference between the Booty Pop and the Front Booty Pop? The emphasis of the pop. So this move starts from an arch into a contraction working your legs and your abs. The push goes forward and the release goes back, making your booty jiggle up on its own. Like before, try it slow and work up the pace.

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