Our twerk workout moves are not just fun they help tone that booty too! Want to lift and tone your butt, but don’t know where to start? Nicole Steen, the Booty Queen, is here to help you transform yah to be bootylicious. All the moves below are on the floor, so get your yoga mat ready, a towel, a water bottle and get ready to sweat!

Twerk Workout Benefits

The best werk workouts are not just for fun, they also make your booty stronger. When your glutes are strong, everyday activities become easier to do. twerk workout nicole cha After twerking for a few weeks I noticed how much stronger my legs have become and how perky my little booty has become. And I have Nicole to thank for that. Her Tone N Twerk workouts are a combination of booty toning and twerk dancing. Let’s focus on the toning part of the workout shall we? Why do we need to tone our butts? Our glutes are actually responsible for the movements our hips and thighs make. So when our gluteus maximus is strong, our hips and thighs have a better time moving. We all win when we tone our booties. Try these moves and let me know which one is your favorite. Show off those twerk moves on instagram and use #hsfteam so we can give you some love!

1. Up & Open Leg Kick

For this move, I recommend doing 2 eight counts. You will feel this right on your booty, but keep going babe, that just means it’s working! I love the simplicity in this move and big results. The more reps you do, the more it’ll burn and work for you. The challenge for me here was moving my leg to open on the side. It was much easier for me to lift it up to the ceiling than to the side. What about you? twerk workout moves leg kick

2. Donkey Kicks

The first twerk workout move is the Donkey Kick. All these moves are on all fours so remember to keep your hands underneath your shoulders. And I know my wrists gets tired, when that happens, you can go to your elbows and keep moving that leg. You will feel the burn on your core, legs and glutes on this one. It’s a triple threat and it’s a favorite of mine. twerk workout donkey kick  

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3. Leg Stretch Out

I have a love/hate relationship with this move because it’s super unassuming, but the more you do it your leg starts to shake. Try to keep your raised leg up like Nicole’s and feel the burn, baby! This is a really good move to strengthen your legs and your glutes all at the same time. Do 2 eight counts as well. twerk workout moves pulses

4. Toe Tap & Lift

The best twerk workout move feels really good to do after the leg stretch out. What this tones are the muscles where your butt and thighs meet, I bet you didn’t think you had muscles there huh? The day after I did this move, I was sore but it was a good feeling. Don’t worry about lifting your leg high in this move, as long as you’re tapping your toe to the group and then lifting, the you’re on your way to a toned booty. twerk workout moves toe taps

5. Leg Circle

The last move is definitely more relaxing than the rest, Leg Circles. This wakes up the hips and thigh joints while still helping lift and strengthen your booty. The challenge here is keeping your back flat and not slouching. Also, don’t over rotate your leg so keep the circles small and your booty and thighs will thank you! twerk workout moves circle

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