Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we all want to do something special for our sweetie, right? And of course, it should be easy on the pockets and will benefit myself too ? So I’ve decided to go through YouTube and find sexy dance routines that are easy but will make your boo feel super appreciated.

Sexy Dance Workouts

Besides dinner and other romantic dates you can go on, there’s something magical about a gift that only the two of you know about and can share. I think learning a sexy dance routine takes time and commitment and shows vulnerability.  Not only is your sexy dance gift free, you also get a great workout for yourself. Your Valentine will appreciate the time and effort you put into your gift and there’s nothing sexier than a “for your eyes only” type of gift! A dance choreography is a great gift for your Valentine and yourself. It only requires time and a little confidence, but the memories last forever! I’ve compiled a list of sexy dance routines from YouTube that I tried myself. I promise, your sweetie will be impressed and maybe pair it with a sweet treat and make this a Valentine’s Dance they’ll never forget. sexy dance routines milkshake

1.Milkshake Choreography

You know you’re in for a treat when Miss Nicole ‘buns of‘ Steen is in the building! We had to make a sexy dance choreography to Kelis and of course, it’s all about the twerk. I really love how fun and loose she makes her choreography and I had a blast filming this routine. I was a little shy at first since this was our first twerk dance class choreography, but when I let myself go and focused on having fun, it was easy to twerk my cares away.

2. Trampoline Choreography

A little burlesque dance class never hurt anyone. Full of fan kicks, arches and a little surprise at the end, this choreography will definitely be unforgettable for your sweetie. I love that there’s a lot of moves on this sexy choreography that you can add your own flavor to. Remember, it’s not about how high or how straight your leg can go, it’s all about feeling empowered and sexy in your own skin.    

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3. Shape Of You Choreography

This beginner sexy Valentines dance routine is by Mandy Jiroux who breaks down every move in the choreography. That’s what I like about this, she makes it super simple and uses the lyrics to help you remember the moves. This routine is all standing so there’s no going to the floor, you know, we’re starting it off easy. I definitely recommend using flat shoes first to get all the moves and then you can add heels or just do it barefoot. Whatever you feel sexiest in, babe!

4. Work From Home Choreography

I don’t know how many times I’ve had this song stuck in my head and I love the dancing in their music video. So when I saw Be Box had a tutorial of the actual choreo from the video, I HAD to learn it. It’s both fun and sensual plus you get to listen to the song over and over again. I also love that there’s a guy learning the dance in the video because everyone is free to feel sexy.

5. Tap In Choreography

Grab your heels and show your man that you know how to tap into your foxy self. There’s something about a woman wearing high heels that makes her so sexy. Add some hot moves to it and girl, your partner won’t be able to take their hands off you. Kaleila’s choreo is super fun and she breaks it down in the beginning. Have fun and Tap In! To spice things up even more, I suggest some sexy leotard for your outfit and maybe a cute and comfy heels! And if your Valentine like sexy leggings, you should put some on too!

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