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Tone N Twerk

This twerk workout class will get your booty in tip top shape with none other than The Booty Queen herself, Nicole Steen. Start off with a toning workout and loosen up with a sexy twerk dance. Don't be shy, twerk it and tone it!

Strong And Sexy

Strong And Sexy dance workout class will help you burn fat, gain strength and endurance. Start off with targeted fitness strength training and end with a fun cardio dance workout! Strong is the new sexy. Let's get it.

Blissful Barre

Blissful Barre combines Ballet, Yoga and Pilates you can do at home. Gain strength, posture and improve your balance with Diane. Plus get blissful intentions before every class and leave with a positive mind and body.

Afro Dance And Sculpt

Come vibe with Afro Dance And Sculpt. An Afrocentric dance workout class that combines muscle toning with cardio dance training. Improve your flexibility and your strength while having a dance party with a live drummer! Are you ready to dance?

Flirty Hip Hop

Flirty Hip Hop is a cardio dance workout class where you will sweat and feel sexy at the same time. Let's go girls, see you on the online dance floor!

Old School Hip Hop

We take you through a really fun old school hip hop dance workout class using some of your favorite classic moves like the running man and the cabbage patch. We're gonna infuse cardio blasting dance moves with targeted sculpting exercises that will really help you to shed those pounds. Grab some water, get some style and attitude and let's get ready to party with it.

Bollywood Abs Workout

Bollywood Abs is a really fun, sexy, cardio dancing ab workout class that's designed to tighten, tone and strengthen your core. We've infused a mixture of Bollywood inspired movements and targeted ab exercises that's designed to strengthen your core and give you a really really great workout. Grab a water, a towel, put a really big smile on your face and let's get ready for this dance fitness party!

LA Latin Fitness

In this online dance class you will learn the basic steps of four latin dances, Salsa, Cha Cha, Jive & Samba. LA Latin workout is geared to get your heart rate up and you sweating.

Kpop Dance Party

KPOP stands for Korean Pop Music and it's a music genre that's popular all over the world. This dance workout class includes some femme, some grooves and some hip hop moves. So let's be Kpop stars together online!

Burlesque Burn

Burlesque Burn helps you own your throne babe! This class mixes the strength and stamina of pilates with the sultry stylings of burlesque. Feel sexy, strong and empowered to take on the world

Dancehall Jam

This Dancehall workout class is a party like dance movement from Jamaica that works out your full body targeting your core, your legs and your butt. Come out Jam with us to your hottest Caribbean music.

Power Heels

Feel powerful and fierce in your heels. Start off by building muscles with strength training and then slip on your heels and dance. Learn a sexy choreography that incorporates hip hop, burlesque and jazz all in heels. Those heels are made for dancing and that's just what they'll do!

Brazilian Warrior Workout Maculele

Harness your inner warrior online! The Brazilian Warrior Workouts origin is maculele, a traditional Afro Brazilian stick dance that uses wooden dowels called grimas. You can always use kitchen utensils as a substitute. We dance and follow the rhythm of the atabaque drum which is a traditional Brazilian drum. Get your stress out and have fun!

Trampoline Tone

Grab your trampolines and let's jump to get fit! Bounce with Diane and get a really great cardio workout that's low impact and effective. Then, strengthen those beautiful muscles babe.

Mindful Moves

Start each class with a mindful meditation then get ready for a Hatha Yoga session that will make you feel enlightened. Close the class with some journaling and open your mind and heart.

Hustle And Flow

Take a Hustle & Flow class which combines strength training with Vinyasa Flow yoga. Each class will focus on a different body part so you can get stronger while enjoying that stretch.

Caribbean Cardio Party

We're bringing Carnival to your house with Caribbean Cardio Party! Kaleila will teach you a little bit of soca, jazz, afrobeats and ragga. Grab your towel and let's party.

Capoeira Yoga Flow

We're mixing Brazilian Martial Arts, Capoeira, with Yoga in this class. Improve your balance, flexibility and pick up some Portuguese while you're at it. Bom dia!

Belly Dance Trance

This is a fun core dance workout class using moving isolations with our neck, chest, hips. Get ready to Shimmy & Shake it.

Stretch And Recover

Rachel is here to help ease any pain you may have in specific areas of your body. She will teach you exercises that help remove inflammation and increase blood flow. Show your body some TLC with our Stretch And Recover series today.

Kid Shake Fitness

Do you have kids that love to dance? Let them be part of your workout and get them moving too. These workouts are made for parents and kids who want to bond through dance and hip hop moves.

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